NeuShield Data Sentinel

In today's threat landscape, Ransomware poses as one of the biggest threats to businesses. Organizations of all sizes are being hit at increasing rates, and the types of Ransomware are always changing. NeuShield Data Sentinel works hand in hand with your current antivirus to keep you protected from ransomware and other cybersecurity threats.

NeuShield Data Sentinel solves this challenge using a new technology called Mirror Shielding. Mirror Shielding creates a protective shield between your files and your applications, allowing you to revert any undesired changes made by malicious applications. In addition, multiple versions of files are saved using Data Engrams, which allows you to revert to a previous version.

NeuShield Features:

-Mirror Shielding

-Data Engrams

-Boot Sector Protection

-Disk Wiper Protection

-Cloud Drive Protection

-Cloud Management

-Realtime Alterting

-Email Reporting

-Strengthen your Antivirus



NeuShield In-Depth

Full protection even against undetected ransomware

Any unwanted file modifications can be undone

With NeuShield Data Sentinel the effects of ransomware can always be undone because changes are never made directly to the protected files. Even changes from zero-day or unknown ransomware can be reverted.

Sometimes modifications to files are made unintentionally or without you knowing. However, Data Sentinel protects your files over time using Data EngramsTM which allow you to revert any unwanted change.

Virtually no impact on performance

Cloud Drive Protection

While other products will create backup copies of your files which can dramatically increase disk usage and cause a significant performance overhead. NeuShield’s revolutionary technology can preserve the original file without requiring a backup allowing Data Sentinel to protect files with virtually no additional disk activity (I/O).

Many ransomware programs will encrypt files on your cloud drive which can spread to other devices. Data Sentinel automatically protects your cloud drive, allowing you to revert changes and recover these files.

Boot Protection

Disk Wiper Protection

The first layer of defense that Data Sentinel offers is boot protection. This protection will monitor the boot portion of your drive to prevent aggressive types of ransomware, such as Bad Rabbit, Satana, or MBR- ONI "Night of the Devil", from overwriting the boot record (MBR) and leaving the device unable to boot. NeuShield Data Sentinel blocks applications from writing to the boot record without affecting normal Windows functions.

Some types of destructive ransomware, such as Shamoon, NotPetya, and Ordinypt, will attempt to wipe the disk to hide a hacking campaign or to cause damage. With NeuShield all raw disk access, which is required for disk wipers, can be prevented, stopping malicious ransomware from destroying the data on your hard drive or SSD.

File and Folder Protection

File Lockdown

Ransomware programs, such as Locky, WannaCry, or Cerber, will attempt to encrypt files to prevent you from accessing them until you pay a ransom. However, Mirror ShieldingTM will block these ransomware programs from making changes directly to your files, allowing you to revert any undesired change. Data Sentinel uses Data EngramsTM to store up to 7 revisions of your protected files giving you the ability to go back to any of these revisions. 

After a ransomware attack it can take time before your antivirus is able to cleanup your computer. During this period, it may be important to access your files and documents. NeuShield Data Sentinel can lockdown files allowing you to safely access them even before the system has been fully cleaned.