NotPetya Returns as "Bad Rabbit"

Bad Rabbit


Kaspersky Opens Antivirus Source Code for Independent Review to Rebuild Trust



Don't Let Yourself Become the Next Equifax

After the largest hack of personal data in history, Equifax was attacked by an organized group called the PastHole Hacking Team. Equifax manages more than 820 million consumers and more than 91 million businesses around the world.

5 cybersecurity predictions (that might actually come true)


There is a 'devastating' security flaw in Wi-Fi, and you're likely at risk


Congrats to ESET for partnering with Google Chrome


Congratulations to ESET for becoming the official protector of Google Chrome protecting users against the threat of malware.

Users can now search the Web with less fear of malicious software being downloaded onto their devices. 

A New Malware is Being Spread Through Facebook Messenger

Facebook Mesenger: Beware of Malware!


Canadian SMBs: How technology can help you have a better start in business


It's time that companies became more cyber-resilient


Vipre's Endpoint Security Cloud

It is finally here!! Vipre has launched their Endpoitn Secuirty Cloud edition, an innovative endpoint security cloud solution for small and medium sized businesses (SMB's). Vipre's new product is out with a goal of making it easier for channel partners and businesses to stop cyberattacks.