WannaCry: Tips to protect yourself from Ransomware

After Friday's massive ransomware attack that saw a ransomware variant known as WannaCry infect over 300,000 computers across 150 countries, everyone has been left scrambling to figure out how to protect themselves from future attacks. Here are some simple tips that you can follow to help protect yourself against ransomware attacks.

Huge ransomware outbreak disrupts IT systems worldwide: WannaCryptor to blame


Sednit adds two zero-day exploits using ‘Trump’s attack on Syria’ as a decoy

Quick Insights With Acronis Backup 12 Advanced Dashboards

IT administrators have plenty of tasks everyday and managing data is one of them. Acronis has made it easier on them with the new dashboard of the Acronis Backup 12 Advanced.Companies big and small ranging from 1 to 1000 systems to manage want to spend the least amount of timemaking sure everything is OK with their data protection. Acronis has made that possible.

Internet of Things malware Hajime is creating a botnet from 300,000 devices

A few years back, humans only had a few devices in their homes connected to the web. Now-a-days, our lives and almost everything in them seem to be connected to the internet. We can now connect our lights, our refrigerator and our heaters, and while thats all fun and games, it is making it easier for hackers to enter our lives. While for many this is a growing concern, other love the convenience these devices set in our lives. 

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ESET Remote Administrator 6.5 Tips: How to Manage Installers!

Check out our new video covering ways Manage Installers on ESET's Remote Administrator 6.5. In this video, our very own Nathan Ware covers step by step how to download and manage Installers.



WiFi on Planes: Are You Safe From Hackers at 30,000 Feet?

According to James Lyne, SOPHOS Security Chief, he says you are never safe when connecting to a public WiFi, even at 30,000 feet. Once you connect, if you open social media, your pictured or any private information, you are agreeing to hand over your destiny. Since the internet is provided by a third party, you are as vulnerable in the air as on the ground.

7 Ways Hackers Target your Employees

Security is a business-wide responsibility. It only takes one mistake by any one of your employees, and your whole business will be at risk. Cybercriminals are testing the strength of your organization's defensive wall, looking for the one crack they need to launch their attacks. Here are seven common strategies attackers use to target employees.

Attackers using a Word zero-day to spread malware

Microsoft Office, a program many of us are familiar with has been under the radar and attackers have been using Microsoft word to install a variety of malware on victims' computers. Microsoft knows about the zero-day and is expected to patch it, however, as researcher Gábor Szappanos from SophosLabs said: