Weekly Rain Forecast #20



Were you not able to attend our live webinar with SecurityGate yesterday? We got it all recorded for you.

A new study reveals that “no crime is growing faster in the US than cybercrime and it’s increasing in size, sophistication and cost.”

Researcher at ESET have caught an android Trojan that bypasses PayPal’s two-factor authentication and steals user’s money.

A city in Oregon was struck by a ransomware attack that locked out the employees from their computers and databases.

Researchers have discovered a Next-Gen crypto-jacking malware that mines cryptocurrency on infected Windows servers.

Mind and Motion Developmental Centers of Georgia has been hit with a ransomware attack that potentially breached the data of about 16,000 patients.

Sophos has announced that the Early Access Program (EAP) for XG Firewall management through Sophos Central is now available for a trial