Weekly Rain Drop


A federal grand jury in Pennsylvania has charged 10 European countries with connection to malware attacks that sought to steal $100 million.

A hacker group called Fxmsp has gained access to the networks and source codes of three antivirus companies.

A malware attack on Wolters Kluwer, a popular tax and accounting software platform, has left many in the accounting world unable to work and sparked concerns about the information stored on the company’s cloud servers.

A couple weeks ago, the city of Baltimore got hit by a massive ransomware attack which forced the city to shutdown most of its servers.

Are you having issues with the new Microsoft Windows update? Check out what Sophos recommends doing.

A ransomware victim describes the aftermath and the lessons their organization learned from the attack.

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has fallen victim to a major security breach where hackers ran away with $41 million worth of Bitcoin.