Vipre's Endpoint Security Cloud

It is finally here!! Vipre has launched their Endpoitn Secuirty Cloud edition, an innovative endpoint security cloud solution for small and medium sized businesses (SMB's). Vipre's new product is out with a goal of making it easier for channel partners and businesses to stop cyberattacks.


According to BusinessWire, Vipre commisioned a survey of 250 SMB IT managers which found that:

  • Nearly a quarter of respondents (23 percent) reported that they experience cyberattacks daily.
  • 66 percent indicated they would either go out of business or shut down for a day or more if systems and/or data are compromised.
  • In order to demonstrate to upper management that the company is protected from cyberattacks, 68 percent of IT managers indicated they are tasked with generating security reports, yet 47 percent indicate they have to manually collect data from various sources and only 41 percent have access to an online security dashboard.

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