There is a 'devastating' security flaw in Wi-Fi, and you're likely at risk


According to Business Insider, "Researchers have discovered a massive security flaw in the security used to protect Wi-Fi networks." This may possibly allow hackers to steal credit card details, private messages, photos and more. The weakness was found in the security protocol WPA2 and as mentioned, they are referring to it as KRACK attack, referring to the "key reinstallation attack" that's being used. 



Few bullet points that Rob Price, author of the article, mentions are:

  • A major security flaw has been found in a protocol that protects modern Wi-Fi.
  • If your phone or computer is Wi-Fi enabled then it's probably at risk, researchers say.
  • Any attacker needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network as you to target you.


The only positive to this is that hackers must be connected on the same Wi-Fi network as you are in order to go in and steal any of your information, meaning this is mostly dangerous on public Wi-Fi networks.


The Vulnerability even has its own logo


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