Survey shows flawed password habits!


According to a study by the United Kingdom's "Cyber Aware" campaign, a total of 27% of British citizens (including over 52% of youths aged 18-25) reuse their email password for the majority of their online accounts. In the same study, about 80% of the respondents across all ages admitted that they had sent sensitive information such as bank details via email. It's important to note that these types of findings aren't outliers, it is happening in countries all over the world as well. In 2016, a study done by the US-based  PEW Research Center found that about 39% of those quizzed used the same or very similar password for the majority of their online accounts.



You may be thinking, why does it matter if I use the same password for multiple accounts? In short, it makes it far easier for hackers to gain access to multiple of your accounts if they know the login information to just one. Let's say they have your email and are able to find out its password. They can then go around to as many other popular sites (or known sites that your email is associated with) as they want and test that combination to log in again. This could allow them to access your social media, or even your bank account if they are able to narrow down what bank you use by looking through your emails. Read more about the UK's study here, safe-password practices here, and the dangers of using the same passwords on multiple sites here