Rain's weekly updates #31


Sophos’s Intercept X was recognized as having the highest security effectiveness and the most efficient TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the 19 endpoint security products tested in the 2019 AEP Group Test.

GandCrab ransomware is constantly releasing new versions to counter free decryption tools developed by security researchers. Researchers are also warning that GandCrab is now going “big game hunting” for larger targets.

Bitcoin ransomware hackers are laundering money through a WEX Exchange.

At least 126 MSP’s forgot to update a plugin to their software back in 2017. Hackers are gaining access to those accounts and deploying GandCrab ransomware on the workstations.

The Columbia Surgical Specialists have paid hackers over $14,000 in ransom to regain access to their patient data.

A county in Georgia has confirmed that their systems have been hit by a ransomware attack.