Protect Yourself: 7 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018

CyberSecurity Predictions of 2018


As 2018 starts off strong, it is good for business to do their best to rethink their cybersecurity measures and make sure they are well protected for this upcoming year to stay safe from cyberthreats. VIPRE Security has a list of predictions to keep in mind in order to stay secure in the upcoming months.

  1. Mobile Risks - more companies relying on mobile apps so hackers will rely on flaws in these apps to break into networks and steal data.
  2. IoT Security - IoT devices lacking adequeate security will provide a huge target for hackers.   
  3. More Ransomware - Since ransomware is so profitable, it is predicted that that hackers will continue using phishing to deliver ransomware.
  4. Software Exploits - Keeping systems updated by applying security patches as soon as they are available and tested will become more and more important. Automating the process is the best approach.
  5.  Need for Speed - Companies must prepare themselves to implementing cubersecurity platforms quickly when under attack as we are bound to see fast-acting attacks.
  6. Security Outsourcing - As threats proliferate, its is highly recommended that you outsource your IT work to a managed service provider.
  7. Regulation Complication - More regulations are bound to come up across the globe and companies need help from security and compliance experts to prepare and navigate the regulatory quagmire as a whole.

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