NotPetya Returns as "Bad Rabbit"

Bad Rabbit


On October 24th, a ransomware attack struck many companies and individuals in Russia and Ukraine. This attack was known as "Bad Rabbit". Bad Rabbit is a reproduction of NotPetya, the attack that happened in late June affecting thousands of computers in more than 60 countries.

What is "Bad Rabbit"?

According to Panda Security, "It shares some similarities with WannaCry and Petya, although certainly won't reach the same propagation levels as those attacks.What makes this attack dangerous is its ability to spread so easily throughout a network. Although the way it's distributed is via a compromised webpage that requests the user to install a false Flash Player update, meaning the user starts the whole process. So be careful. Once installed, the attack begins and users are blocked out of their systems and ransom is demanded.

Similar to other types of ransomware attacks, it demands 0.05 Bitcoins ($280) and gives you a timer, the longer you take the more ransom it asks for.


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