It's time that companies became more cyber-resilient


As this year closes to an end and we start the month of October, Europe's Cybersecurity Month, companies should have already been more cyber aware. However, this year, according to, we have seen some of the most high profile victims of Cybercrime across the world, including: WannaCry, Petya, NHS in the UK and the attack on Equifax in which have all impacted million across the globe. Aside from the time and hassle put into stopping these attacks, it cost companies millions of dollars as well as ruined their reputation. It is sad that to this day, many companies feel unprepared to tackle such an attack.

It is time for companies to put on their armor suits and start fighting this virus head on. Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility and organizations need to make sure their employees are well aware of what is safe and what isn't.
Welivesecurity shows us 4 tips for all organizations to consider
  1. Know your enemy - Having your employees aware of such attacks as well and always providing them information on the most common threats could help employees be more susceptible.
  2. Consider password safety - Creating a password is one of the hardest things and we usually chose one password that we use on all our accounts, of course because it would be easy to remember. However a password to all your accounts means when one account is hijacked, the rest of your accounts can easily be hijacked as well. To avoid such issue, make sure you create more than one, hard to guess, password that uses symbols, letters and numbers as well as making sure that password is changed every month or so. According to an ESET Global Security Evangelist, Tony Anscomb, he states, "Helping employees to understand what makes a password more secure, and ensuring colleagues adhere to password best practice, will protect the network within which they operate."
  3. Think before you click -  The most common of these phishing attacks is receiving an email from a bank or other institute that usually has your credentials. In the email, they ask to check if all your credentials are correct as well as asking you to provide the rest of your credentials and information, such as credit card numbers, social security, etc. - it will most likely be cybercriminals behind the attack.
  4. Remember that security is everyone's responsibility - No matter what level the job may be, all employees need to be aware of what to look for in a cyberattack threat. As ESET says, "the C-suite, especially, needs to adhere to the rules as they are often the juiciest target for cybercriminals." Becoming cyber-resilient is a straight forward process and remaining secure should be eveyone's responsibility.


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