Insider Threats: Red Flags and Best Practices

As we believe at Rain Networks, your biggest concern should be your employees. Employees are the ones that make you who you are but they can also break you...

This week, Dark Reading confirmed that your employees should be your greatest concern. According to a research, " the inside threat is growing, with more than half (53%) of Organizations confirming insider attacks in the past 12 months and 27% stating they have become more frequent". Although not all Insider threats are malicious, it is still something to keep an eye out for. Companies have the tendency to trust their employees, and even though employees aren't trying to cause harm to their organization, some accidental mistakes can lead to data breaches.

Security pros list red flags that indicate the best ways to detect and avoid insider threats:

  1.  Unauthorized Data Access
  2. Suspicious Activity
  3. Non-technical Cues
  4. Know Where Your "cool" Data Resides
  5. Turn Off Access to USB Drives and DVD Writers
  6. Create an Incident Response Plan

Read more on how each of the following red flags and indicators can help you as an organization.

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