Hit by ransomware? Don't worry!



Despite it being around for a while, ransomware has risen to prominence over the past year as one of the biggest security threats that companies and organizations have to worry about. For the uninformed, ransomware is a strain of malware that encrypts your hard-drive, locking you out of your computer and demanding a payment or "ransom" to decrypt your drive giving you access to your important files and documents again. This year has already seen its first major ransomware strain hit the landscape, this one being called GandCrab. GandGrab first appeared in January, and since then it has hit over 53,000 victims around the world. Europol has dubbed it "one of the most aggressive forms of ransomware so far this year" as it costs the victim anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. 


This is where the No More Ransom portal and Bitdefender come to the rescue. If you have been hit by GandCrab, a decryption tool has been published in the portal by Bitdefender. With this tool, victims no longer need to pay the ransom to decrypt their computers. No More Ransom was launched in 2016, bringing together law enforcement and the private industry to help fight against cybercrime. Not only does their portal have this GandCrab decryption tool, but also various other tools from other major security vendors that help against a variety of threats.

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