ESET research team assists FBI in Windigo case – Russian citizen sentenced to 46 months


Operation Windigo

In 2014, there was an attack called operation Wnidigo that ESET released a paper on where malware tools directed users and sent spam on their behalf. According to ESET, "At the core of Operation Windigo is Linux/Ebury, an OpenSSH backdoor and credential stealer that was installed on tens of thousands of servers. Using that backdoor, the attackers installed additional malware to perform web traffic redirection (using Linux/Cdorked), send spam (using Perl/Calfbot or SSH tunnels) and, most importantly, steal credentials when the OpenSSH client was used to spread further." This caused major damage in the users computers and their lives as their credentials are being stolen. 

However, reserchers at ESET have one job and that is to document new threats and protect internet users. To read more on how ESET collaborated with law enforcement, Click Here: