DNA virus brings malware full circle


Scientists have been working on storing data inside artificial DNA, stating it is still a very expiramental technique. According to Panda Security, "During the test, engineers created an artificial strand of DNA and “programmed” malicious code inside it. The strand was then inserted into a computer capable of reading the DNA code, and the malware successfully installed itself before going on to fully infect the machine." Evem though this is still under testing, DNA storing can be a huge advancemnet in our technology. 
The expirement consisted of an infected DNA strand which was inserted into the reader of the unprotected victims computer, where the virus had time to implant itself and execute the malware code. However this is no different than simply having an infected flashdrive plugged into your own computer, or executing a malicious attachment in an email. As Panda states that the only difference is "the unusual storage medium - DNA".
Just like the human body a virus can easily spread within our system where we depend on our immune system to fight back. When it comes to computers, humans must download an antivirus to detect and block protect infections before they are installed and start spreading
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