Canadian SMBs: How technology can help you have a better start in business


Technology can make you or break you. In many cases, technology in this day and age assists many businsses in the development and growth of their organization. However, if small-medium businesses (SMB's) and their employees are not careful, technology will break you.

Cyberattacks are more common to any business than ever before. Organizations now need to have an IT team working to constantly save them and their data from cyberattacks. According to ESET, Canadian SMB's are now facing different challenges as they try to grow and get a foot in their industry. These SMB's are trying to succeed in a pool full of alligators, who are waiting for them to make the smallest mistake. Currently there are 1.1 million registered SMB's in Canada and ESET's brand ambassador is explaining that importance of these organizations being cyberaware.

As stated by, "A recent Ipsos survey, found that only 26 per cent of Canadian SMBs feel very confident that their business and its information is safe from cyberattacks; this is a seven-point drop from the 2016 survey on the same topic. It highlights the growing concern showed by Canadian SMBs when it comes to cybersecurity."

Education to business owners and their employees is very important. people must realize the dangers that are lurking in the cyberworld and learn to take steps to fight it.


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