6 Tips to Protect Against Technical Support Fraud



As 2017 came to end, 2018 opened neww doors ffor tech support scammers. Tech Suppot is a  huge business foor these criminals and as we all know, if their tricks are wrking, these scammers have no intentt to stop. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, "the company has recieved more than 300,000 reports of tech support fraud and software companies recieve an average of 12,000 reports of tech support scams a month worldwide." Scammers do all they can with your computer in order to get you to call them. Once they have you on the phone, you are pretty much hooked. They ask for pemission to remote access your computer and thats is where they make you pay for diagnostics. 

Here are six tips to for users to avoid being hacked:

  1. Be aware of who makes contact with you.

  2. Keep your machine clean.

  3. Double-check everything.

  4. Deploy basic security tools.

  5. Don’t give out your credit card number.

  6. Don’t let the fraudsters take over your computer.

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