Based out of San Francisco, TrustArc has been a leader in privacy compliance and data protection for over two decades. TrustArc offers a combination of innovative technology, expert consulting, and TRUSTe certification solutions that together address all phases of privacy program management. The TrustArc platform has been refined and fortified with experiance across a wide range of industries, client use cases, and company size. TrustArc offers solutions to meet your needs, no matter your size or the maturity of your program.

TrustArc simplifies privacy compliance for the GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection regulations with an unrivaled combination of technology and privacy expertise.


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TrustArc Privacy Platform

Data Flow Manager

Assessment Manager

Individual Rights Manager

Build a data inventory, data flow maps, and GDPR Article 30 reports to identify and manage privacy risk across your organization

Conduct and manage PIAs, DPIAs, and risk assessments to comply with GDPR Article 35 and other privacy regulations

Analyze and respond to data subject access rights requests to meet GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations

Cookie Consent Manager

Website Monitoring Manager

Direct Marketing Consent Manager

Manage user consent to ensure privacy compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations

Identify and manage the use of cookies and trackers across all of your digital properties to minimize risk

Ensure proper consent is obtained, documented, and managed for direct marketing programs across your company



TrustArc Privacy Consulting

GDPR Maturity Assessment

CCPA Priorities Assessment

HIPAA Assessment

Assess GDPR compliance maturity and develop an action plan to build and manage a successful privacy program

Assess and readiness and compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act and develop an action plan to address the gaps

Assess compliance with HIPPA requirements and develop an action plan to address the gaps

PIA/DPIA Program Development

Policies and Procedures

Data Breach Prep

Develop the processes, templates, and tools to conduct and manage privacy risk assessments to meet GDPR and other laws/regulations

Develop the policies, procedures, and training required to maintain GDPR and CCPA privacy requirements

Develop a breach planning and incident response program to address all relevent privacy regulations for your business