Identifying risks and be expensive and time consuming. Organizations primarly deduce risk through onsite audits, but human capital costs limit scalability as compliance regulations grow more complex. As these regulations change, it's easy to miss details and overlook risks. The SecurityGate platform manages the entire threat risk assessment process. In a single platform, you can view, compare, manage, and securely store history of valuable risk insights for vendors, clients, and internal assets. SecurityGate's cyber risk modules can be scaled across ecosystems 10x faster than human based auditing. In 2017, there were plenty of hardware and software solutions focused on blocking and announcing cyberattacks, but no technologies were up to the task of improving the cyber risk assessment process from a business perspective. To achieve this, SecurityGate built product offerings for integrating unique industry risks into the assessment process. The result: data that drives meaningful decisions and reduces long-term risk.



Why Choose Security Gate

Identify Risks Faster

Simplify The Complexity

Intelligent Risk Scoring

Scale with Security

Say hello to a better way to visualize risk inside and outside your organization with SecurityGate's automated risk assessment tool.

Rank order risks across your data-sharing ecosystem and prioritize efforts at the click of a button. Rank ordering risks and prioritize efforts with a dashboard, removing the tedium which improves accuracy.

Whether you’re seeking to meet client or industry requirements, verifying compliance is easy with SecurityGate's dynamic machine learning scoring program.

Planning security improvements efficiently lets you focus on what matters most: growing your business. SecurityGate's Roadmap keeps you on track.


Manage Compliance by Industry





We help upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors by bridging the gap between OT & IT environments including rigs, offices, substations and vendors.

We help ships, vessels, and ports enforce client-driven and IMO requirements for incorporating cyber compliance into safety and operational programs.

We help companies meet Defense standards like the DFARS Cybersecurity Compliance requirements as well as many others.

We help insurance companies, brokers, underwriters, and private equity firms make safe, informed decisions by simplifying the cyber assessment process.